Bite It! Magazine 3

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The third and last (so far at least) issue of Bite It! Magazine. 104 pages Danish and international styles. This time Bite It! Sat down in the kitchen with a few beers for an interview with Eric 129 from the notorious AIS gang. RHB crew from Germany presents a large selection of high-quality train burners spanning across several continents. Danish Mere serves a heavyweight blow to the jaw with funky panels, wholecars and window-downs. Abyss from Stockholm dropped by to hit a few walls, guzzle down some Kng beers and share his insights on style and technique. And the team sent the new generation of street bombers of Copenhagen on a mission to document their long and intoxicating nights of havoc. To spice it up you will also find a feature from Supe FMK and special treats from Smek, Trio and Fits. We were lucky to get our hands on a few copies of this old magazine in mint condition so if you don’t have it in your collection already this is your chance!

Format: 104 pages, A4 Portrait Language: English Released: 2014

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