MTN Maye Limited Edition Spray Paint 400ml, Shiva Violet

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Born in Sète, France in 1990, MAYE was always passionate about drawing growing up. After being introduced to graffiti at a young age, he finally took his work to the streets of Montpellier in 2004. His focus started with developing lettering skills and pushing graffiti boundaries.The local Montpellier scene had a huge influence and over time he became respected during the decade he spent writing in the streets. A self-taught artist in painting, Maye made a conscious shift from focusing on walls to focusing on canvas in 2013. Over the years he has continued to develop his unique painting style which has lead him to cross between canvas work and massive mural work. Painting on canvas allows him to apply the tests he developed on ephemeral media and to start creating his work in a permanent manner. No matter if MAYE’s work is on canvas or walls, he takes us on a journey through allegorical scenes, inspired by his personal experiences, his memories, and nourished by his imagination.

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