MTN Taki183 Limited Edition Spray Paint 400ml, Matt Black

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TAKI 183, a global icon in the world of graffiti art. Hailing from Washington Heights, Manhattan, TAKI began writing his name on the streets as a teenager in 1969, taking inspiration from the Greek addition to boy’s names and adding his street number (183) to his moniker. In the summer of 1970, TAKI began working as a messenger, using the opportunity to travel the city and leave his mark everywhere he went, earning him the title of the first “all-city” graffiti writer. His simple yet striking signature caught the attention of a reporter, leading to a feature in The New York Times in 1971 and cementing TAKI’s place as a pioneer in the graffiti movement. Today, TAKI 183 is recognized and revered by graffiti artists, fans, and historians alike as one of the most renowned graffiti artists of all time.

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