OUFF! Mander Selected Works

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Mander has filled his book from head to toe and offers the best of everything. It is maximal in color and shape. But never the risk of sugar shock. Under the colorful surface melancholy and darkness lurk. Mander’s development has been ongoing since the first time he held a pen 40 years ago. Through the punk, graffiti and skateboard scene he has created a unique expression and today his work is seen on buses, TV, record covers, skateboards and posters.

At age 11, Mander discovered skateboard culture, graphics, graffiti, 60s poster art and underground comics. Since then, he has worked purposefully to create his own visual world – where digital drawing tools have been given a foothold for the traditional: pencil, ink and paper.

As a graffiti writer, he realized the importance of being seen. He produced his own skateboard magazines, cartoon record covers and posters. It was not long before the skateboard and music industry caught the eye of Mander’s images and then followed advertising, fashion and the art world. And today, Mander is doing the same thing better and bigger. Håkan Hellström, Fever Ray, Captain Red and KRS One are just some of the artists who call Mander when they need a record cover or tour poster.

His images are elaborately detailed by references that inspire the viewer to discover and to the mind as much to Swedish greats as to underground artists in the 1960s USA. In the book OUFF! is presented one of our most interesting contemporary artists with context and depth.

170 x 240 mm, 96 pages, English language, Released: 2018.

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