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Personalia is a visual study by Janne Riikonen of graffiti culture in Sweden, focusing on the people behind the thriving underground culture. Hundreds if not thousands of graffiti artists or vandals (as they sometimes are called) devote their lives to the peculiar and controversial form of art; by their actions they gain respect and fame among their own rather small community, whereas are considered merely a nuisance by the general public. While graffiti often is seen as a youth culture and most graffiti writers start painting in their teenage years, the addiction grows deep roots that grip many for a lifetime. The book discusses graffiti by portraying graffiti writers and by depicting their lifestyle. Showcasing the many different walks of life encompassed by practitioners, the work looks past the simplistic notions held by the general public of what graffiti culture is and who identifies with it.

300 x 245 mm, 64 pages, English language, ISBN 978-91-984059-1-0.

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