SABE – Still Around II (Special Edition)

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Limited edition SABE – STILL AROUND II book. We made a number of special edition books with red cover and white foil on the cover. Inside you will find a hand painted spread by the artist make each individual book exclusive. We are continuously updating the store with new hand-painted books. A true collectors item.

SABE has never stepped out of his love for the graffiti, and even though he is reaching the age of 50, he is showing no sign of resignation. This book with the same title as the previous book released in 2017 you will get more than 250 pages with new unique footage collected from five decades starting in the 1980’s til today’s date. 

SABE – Still Around II are as massive as part one, it features more than 400 photos and texts by Skeme, Ghost, Jest, Ket, Nezo, Grape, Giz, Cave, Week, Sek, Sgee, Pesto, Even and a foreword by Jens-Peter Brask.

Pages: 256, Format: 23 x 30cm Hard cover, Language: English, Release date: November 2020.

ISBN: 978-87-999751-2-9

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