Slow Limits – Hiphop och graffiti i Luleå

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Almost thirty-five years ago, a bunch of Luleå guys painted some walls in the yard to Varvsgatan 39 in Luleå. The assignment came from the IOGT-NTO who was involved in running the cultural center Allis. After a few years the paintings were forgotten. Meanwhile, the painters became adults with careers in art, illustration, tattooing and other creative professions.

In Slow Limits – Hiphop and graffiti in Luleå, Tobias Barenthin Lindblad tells about how the paintings came about and how we look at them today. Painting for painting is analyzed, layers upon layers are peeled off and the contemporary-historical and popular-cultural context is exposed. What music, what clothes, what kind of movies, comics and TV shows influenced young people in the 1980s?

Dennis Eriksson, Pierre Bernhardsson and Pierre Johansson, who all participated in the painting at the time, are interviewed in the book and give their picture of the event.

Slow Limits provides a disarming and humble picture of a time when graffiti was new, exciting and the practitioners created their own frameworks, unique to each city. With influences from New York, London, Gothenburg and Stockholm, the Luleå painters laid the foundation for their own careers and a vibrant and high-quality graffiti in their city.

170 x 240 mm, 88 pages, Swedish language, Released: 2019.

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