Underground Productions 36

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Assma is a painter who has a lot of sting in his letters. Is he inspired by the old pike? He is just like Skil a great painter and a big fisherman. We took the opportunity to talk to Tonni 2 Finger, one of Copenhagen’s most active bombers, when he visited Stockholm. We never dared to check how many fingers he has, but he left many throw-ups behind him.
It’s summer, and graffiti goes out again. In issue 36 you can read about the Gothenburg Shake, about how Puppet does when he is sketching, the old woodworkers Charlie Ahearn and Jon Naar, about the old master burner 2 My Bro DJ Roc Ski by Slice, and about Kid Acne knitting graffiti jerseys.

48 pages, English language, released 2007.

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