Underground Productions 42

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UP 42 is a poignant number, literally when the theme for the number is just getting caught for illegal graffiti. We devote a number of pages to interviewing lawyers, arrested writers, checking in various vandal squads around the world and taking part of the so-called “getting caught” stories that are spread in the graffiti world.
Besides that, we focus on French graffiti writer Honet and Greek crew SKIDS, we drink vodka in Ukraine and have been looking up Denmark’s style king Jest aka X-paks for an interview. Jacob Kimvall takes this time in Akay and News pieces which he calls “To all our def homeboys”, we check in rooftops in Copenhagen and have traveled to Umeå and as usual a lot of painted walls and trains from all over Sweden.

64 pages, 216×279 mm, English language, released 2010.

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